Pale Fire


Graham Landin: Triangle Beach

September 8–November 26, 2022

In the southeastern corner of Richmond, BC, a short backroad snakes between an entertainment complex, berry farms and landscaping nurseries. It stops abruptly at a long metal gate that demarcates the construction site for a jet fuel tank farm. To the right is the south arm of the Fraser River. Beyond this threshold, a service road follows its bank. It is dusk and the sturgeon moon is visible just over the tops of the blackberry brambles that shroud the water. It has to compete with the work lights looming over the enormous fuel cylinders, the headlights of dump trucks and the high beams of F-150’s. On the other side of the brambles, the shoreline is crowded with stray logs that the tide has drawn up. Offshore, the FRPD 309 pumps sand that has been dredged from the riverbed. The blinking lights of small tugs orbit the large ship. Across the river, the Liquified Natural Gas plant glows. The rising super moon is only a part of this constellation.

Graham Landin (b. 1982) is a visual artist and carpenter who lives and works in Richmond, BC. Drawing influence from classical antiquity, off-grid culture, folk art and a variety of modernisms, Landin makes pavilions, sculptures, furniture objects and wall reliefs. Since relocating his studio to agricultural land in 2018, he has employed a chainsaw to work swiftly at the scale of the human body. His work has been exhibited in Canada and the United States, and he has created over thirty sculptures for Stüssy International’s flagship stores.