Pale Fire

Nicole Ondre: Primes

July 8–August 26, 2023

Exhibition Map

The concept of prime is essentially about time. It brings to mind the early stages of being in words like “primary” and “primordial.” It describes an introductory step in a procedure through the action “to prime,” as well as an advanced stage of a process, such as “in the prime of one’s life.” Its connotation of both original and mature ties it to ideal figures, evinced by a “prime example.” In mathematics, a “prime number” is divisible only by one and itself. And in topology, a subdiscipline of mathematics that offers plasticity to theoretical diagrams, “prime” denotes a closed loop knot that cannot be divided into multiple knots.

Nicole Ondre (b. 1986) lives and works in Vancouver. Recent solo exhibitions include Heatwork (2023) at Tanya Leighton Gallery, Los Angeles; Pirl (2022) at CSA Space, Vancouver; and Blood Knot (2018) at Unit 17, Vancouver. Ondre’s work was included in the two-person exhibition The Eyes Have Walls (2020) with Mina Totino at the West Vancouver Art Museum. Other group exhibitions include And down below the earth shown bright (2023) at ILY2, Portland; Heart View Knot Bird (2022) at Tanya Leighton Gallery, Los Angeles; and High Anxiety (2021) at Mónica Reyes Gallery, Vancouver. Since 2010, Ondre has also worked collaboratively with Vanessa Disler as Feminist Land Art Retreat.